Freedom Mobile Deal: $0 iPhone 15 with $60/60GB Can-US-Mex Plan

freedom mobile iphone 15 trade up

Quebecor’s Freedom Mobile is offering up a new iPhone 15 promo right now, which says you can “ditch your carrier and get iPhone 15 on us.”

Essentially, the 128GB iPhone 15 is $0 upfront and includes a $60/month Canada-USA-Mexico plan with 60GB data after Digital Discount and TradeUp. The plan includes talk, text and data usage in North America. It was previously priced at $65/month.

With TradeUp, you pay $0/month for 24 months. After that time is up, you either return the phone or pay $409 and keep the phone. The iPhone 15 retails for $1,129 so you’re saving $720 after 24 months.

This might be an option if you’ve been seeking an iPhone 15 and you also need a North American roaming plan. Again, we are half-way through the current iPhone cycle, with Apple likely releasing the iPhone 16 in September.

Freedom Mobile still has its $34/50GB, $40/75GB and $50/100GB Canada-US plans for bring your own device customers. Only Public Mobile matched the $34/50GB Canada-US plan but for a limited time.

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