Rivian Tesla Supercharger Access Now Live in Canada

rivian tesla superchargers

Last year, Rivian announced it would adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), expanding access to the latter’s Supercharger network in Canada and the U.S., reports Tesla North.

As of today, Rivian electric vehicle owners now have access to Tesla’s Supercharging network in Canada. Rivian is sending out an adapter to owners this spring, but select Superchargers with a built-in ‘Magic Dock’ will allow Rivian owners to just pull up and charge (Magic Dock converts Tesla to CCS).

“Fast charger access just doubled. Rivian vehicles can now tap into 15,000+ Tesla Superchargers — rapidly expanding the fast charging experience for our customers. Initially, a NACS DC adapter is needed for access, shipping free to owners starting this spring,” said Rivian on Monday.

You can see from the map below the expanded Tesla Superchargers (green dots) in Canada and the U.S., while Rivian’s own Adventure charging network in black (U.S. only):

Rivian tesla superchargers

Rivian owners need to download the Tesla mobile app to get started at select Superchargers (if they don’t have the Rivian adapter yet). The Tesla app will automatically unlock the ‘Magic Dock’ where available, to bring CCS compatibility to non-Tesla vehicles.

Future Rivian vehicles such as its upcoming R2 and R3 will have a native NACS port (albeit it’s currently on the “wrong” passenger side; hopefully this will change).

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