CCTS Rejecting Public Mobile Responses to Rewards Complaints

Telus-owned Public Mobile recently announced its legacy rewards program is ending in May, with a switch coming to move customers to its newer Public Points program.

Many customers who favoured the old rewards program were upset at this change, as it they felt it violated the original Public Mobile promise of keeping it around as long they stayed a customer. People were so upset they ended up filing complaints with the CCTS. The Public Points program means older customers will start paying more for their phone plans, as the value of the new points program gives a smaller discount versus the old rewards program.

Now, according to emails shared by iPhone in Canada readers, it appears the CCTS is rejecting Telus responses to complaints. It seems the CCTS is working swiftly in dealing with complaints. After a complaint to the CCTS was accepted in mid-March, four days later Public Mobile replied with its objection. It took 11 days for the CCTS to deny the Public Mobile objection, so that was a span of about two weeks.

The CCTS started accepting complaints about Public Mobile and then allowed the wireless carrier to respond. “We are accepting your complaint about Public Mobile. Next steps in our process: We have notified your service provider and asked them to contact you directly.”

Public Mobile, in its response to the CCTS, referenced section 4.3 of the CCTS Procedural Code to support its objection to the complaint. The company said that the change to the rewards program falls within its policies and procedures, noting that customers were given more than 30 days’ notice of the upcoming switch to the Public Points program.

Despite Public Mobile’s objections, the CCTS dismissed its stance. In a letter addressing both the customer and Public Mobile, the CCTS clarified, “After reviewing the complaint and objection, we are rejecting the objection. The complaint remains open for the reasons explained below.”

The CCTS pointed out the Public Mobile objections based on the merits of the complaint are not acceptable, and that issues such as billing disputes and contract changes fall within its scope.

Public Mobile has been given a deadline of mid-April to respond to the CCTS, in the particular email we read about.

Back in 2018, Public Mobile customers filed over 1,600 complaints to the CCTS, objecting a plan price increase. Public Mobile ended up reversing its decision.

You can click here to file a complaint with the CCTS over any telecom matter–but you first must contact your wireless carrier first about the matter (Public Mobile customers are complaining in their Community Forums first, then filing a CCTS complaint), before you file your CCTS complaint (otherwise it will be rejected).

Did you file a CCTS complaint over Public Mobile’s decision to axe its old rewards program? Did you hear back from Public Mobile and the CCTS?

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