Jon Stewart Says Apple Blocked His FTC Chair Podcast Interview

In a recent disclosure on “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart dropped a bombshell, revealing Apple’s refusal to greenlight an interview with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chair, Lina Khan, for his podcast (via Axios).

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This revelation holds significant weight, particularly in light of the U.S. Justice Department’s recent legal action against Apple.

The lawsuit accuses the tech giant of leveraging its monopoly position within the smartphone market. The complaint explicitly cites concerns about Apple’s dominance potentially stifling free speech.

Stewart’s interaction with Khan shed light on Apple’s intervention in media conversations. He recounted how Apple vetoed the podcast interview request, despite it being unrelated to Khan’s professional duties.

The request was associated with Stewart’s former podcast, an offshoot of his Apple TV+ comedy show, “The Problem With Jon Stewart.”

During his exchange with Khan, Stewart highlighted Apple’s reticence even for seemingly innocuous discussions, questioning the underlying reasons behind the company’s aversion to public discourse.


This development occurs against the backdrop of Stewart’s recent return to “The Daily Show,” marking his comeback after departing in 2015.

His Apple TV+ venture concluded last year amidst reported differences with Apple executives over creative direction, notably regarding coverage on topics such as China and artificial intelligence (AI).

This is not the first time media personalities have found themselves at odds with their parent companies. John Oliver faced similar issues while criticizing AT&T during its ownership of HBO parent company WarnerMedia.

Likewise, Jimmy Kimmel confronted challenges when addressing misinformation propagated by figures appearing on networks affiliated with his employer, ABC.

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