Super Mario Bros Clone Sneaks into the App Store

Back in March, Nintendo’s president relented and agreed to make mobile versions of their classic games for smartphones. There’s no word on when we’ll see the first title, but if you can’t wait and are desperate to play on your phone, one developer has managed to sneak a clone into the App Store.

Known only as Super Bros!, the game is essentially Super Mario Bros with a GameBoy looking control pad along the bottom to top off the nostalgia. The developer describes his game as “delightful pixel-based adventure game packed with stunning 8-bit graphics for your iPhone & iPad.”

Check out the screenshots below:

Screen322x572  25Super mario bros

Not sure how long this game will last in the App Store, but expect it to be pulled shortly. So far, reviews in iTunes are mixed, so this may be one to bypass.

We’ve seen other apps bypass Apple’s App Store approval process, such as this Nintendo emulator last year. It’s clear gamers want to play old school Nintendo games on their non-jailbroken iPhones and iPads, as numerous users have previously jumped on other emulators for iOS 8.

Let’s hope Nintendo can pull off some magic on mobile, as there are lots of people willing to pay for their games on iOS and other mobile platforms.

Click here to download Super Bros! in the App Store—it’s $2.29.