Apple Appeals Against Ebook Antitrust Ruling

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The Associated Press reports that Apple has filed an appeal on Tuesday, asking the federal appeals court in New York to overturn the judgment handed down in the eBook antitrust case, or grant a new trial in front of a different judge.

The papers filed by Apple reveal the company’s position on Judge Denise Cote’s ruling: it “is a radical departure” from modern antitrust law and will kill competition and harm consumers if the appeals court allows it to stand.

Apple’s papers filed Tuesday refuted the antitrust finding, and said its entrance into the e-book market “kick-started competition in a highly concentrated market, delivering higher output, lower price levels, and accelerated innovation.”

You may recall that Apple has expressed its opinion about Michael Bromwich, the court-appointed antitrust monitor, numerous times. Apple filed a formal complaint against him back in November, saying he was charging too much for his services, and then asked him to be removed earlier this year.

With this filing, Apple has reinforced its earlier position and asked the appeals court to suspend the work of the external antitrust compliance monitor.

The iPhone maker has succeeded in winning temporary relief from monitoring, but the Appeals court ruled that Bromwich can continue his work under new conditions.