Logitech’s MFi Gamepad for iPhone Controller Leaks [PIC]

During WWDC 2013, Apple announced an API for third-party MFi game controllers to make the revamped Game Center more attractive for third-party developers. Logitech, one of the premiere gaming accessory makers, was quick to jump on the opportunity: a couple days after the announcement the first image of a game controller was leaked by Kotaku. Today Evleaks has shared a juicy image via Twitter, showing a a press shot of the Logitech MFi gamepad for iPhone.

logitech MFi game controller iphone

As you can see from the above image, the gamepad designed for iPhone looks pretty much like you would expect, by keeping the typical game controller feel and incorporating four buttons (X, A, B, and Y) and a joystick directional pad (d-pad) as well.

logitech MFi game controller iphone 2

The controller leaked in the above image is an enclosure model, we can expect that for other models as well, which will not required an attachment on an iDevice to function.

Although no pricing or release information was leaked, we can expect the MFi game controller to hit the market soon.

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  • Erik Kappel

    I’m extremely excited for these controllers to start hitting the market. I forsee really fun games coming out on iOS now that finally don’t have to rely on terrible virtual buttons 🙂 Also fyi, that’s a directional pad (d-pad) and not a joystick #correction. I read the article then was wondering if there was another image that didn’t load 😛

  • Mark Roberts

    Yeah, I was looking for the joystick as well.

  • Mark Roberts

    So this will only accommodate the iPhone 5/5S form factor I suppose.

  • Erik Kappel

    It does look that way huh. Makes sense though, newer games will not run as well on older devices, so accomodating iPhone 5/5S makes more sense, plus they’ll have seperate controllers that will work with all iOS devices surely.