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Google Sync VS SaiSuke Epic Showdown

It’s no secret that we here at iPhoneinCanada love Google. We love them a lot. And they love the iPhone. Well, today I’m mad at them… no wait, not mad, just disappointed. Let me elaborate. About a week ago I suddenly became very concerned with having my Google Calendar properly synced with my iPhone. I […]

Chuck the Ball winner and Twestival Toronto 2009

I know this post is late – but I wanted to announce the winner of the US iTunes Promo Code for Chuck the Ball, from my review yesterday. But first – I want to let everyone know that not only will iPhoneFan be attending the Twestival Vancouver (and giving away a Portable DVD player on […]

Chuck the Ball Game App: Review and Giveaway

With so many games on the App store it’s hard to figure out what you’d like and what you wouldn’t. Most people just search for the Top 10 and leap in – and some people simply download dozens of free games, hoping to find one they’ll like. So, instead of going through that headache, or […]

Remote Desktop Apps Overview and Reviews

I hope everyone had a great week – I’ve been working hard the last few days on this article and hope that lots of you find it useful, particularly those of you in our forum who asked about Remote Desktop Apps. Thanks to everyone who entered to win the RocketTaxi App — check the end […]

Review: RocketTaxi iPhone App (and Giveaway!)

Does everyone remember the featured iPhone Apps in the new US iPhone Ads that I wrote about a few days ago? Well, the good people over at Edovia wanted us to try out their Apps for real, and write about what we thought. First up is the Rocket Taxi App, and ass you’ll recall, I […]

Using your iPhone in Arctic Weather: Tavo Gloves Reviewed

I don’t know about the rest of Canada, but here in Ontario it has been a very long, cold, snowy winter. We just received another 20-25cm of snow in the last week, and it’s positively frightful out there. Certainly most of us are bundling up with scarves, touques, and of course, gloves. Gloves, ah, the […]

Review: TiltaFun iPhone Game App

I had a chance to sit down and play with TiltaFun this morning, and I have to say, it’s rather fun.  In the same vein as Snake Game, or PacMan for that matter, it’s like a next-generation Eat-This-Stuff game using the motion sensor in your iPhone to maneuver your (Unnamed) little orange ball monster around […]

3 New iPhone Ads, 9 Featured Apps

This week Apple released 3 new iPhone Ads on their USA iPhone Gallery site. Titled “Read”, “Fix” and “Check” they feature three Apps each.  I thought I’d give you an overview of the Apps featured and my impressions. Ad #1 “Read” Yelp Cost: Free Brought to you by, an App to find local Restaurants […]

Remember iGoogle for iPhone?

It’s been a few days since Google quietly discontinued the iPhone-Optimized version of iGoogle,  and it seems that this feature has gone with a whimper, instead of bang. It was a year ago that the iGoogle for iPhone site was launched, now Google’s regular iGoogle Mobile homepage loads instead. Many websites offer iPhone specific mobile […]

Introducing Me, Hello!

I hope everyone is enjoying the amazing giveaways this week – and in an effort to make a great first impression I thought I’d introduce myself while everyone is on a free-swag high. I’m the newest member of the iPhoneinCanada Team! And I’m super-excited to be helping out everyone here to bring all our visitors […]