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Apple says all Apps need to be 3.0 compliant, or else.

During the newest beta release to developers Apple has instructed that all iPhone Apps, new and current, now need to be compliant with the new 3.0 firmware due out this summer, even though it is still in Beta. “Beginning today, all submissions to the App Store will be reviewed on the latest beta of iPhone […]

App Store Approvals Tested, Confused.

The seemingly random acceptance of some, but not other Apps is a constant source head-scratching ponderings for lots of App Developers. It seems that there is no definitive reasoning behind why some Apps get approved, and others slip through the cracks. Alkalai Media documented on their blog the recent submission (and subsequent re-submissions) of their […]

Amazon buys Stanza, iPhone ebook reader.

Amazon has tightened it’s grip in the eBook market this week by aquiring Stanza, the popular iPhone App from Lexcycle. Obviously Amazon is wanting to gain eBook customers among the millions of iPhone  users that have already begun to see the iPhone as a superior eBook reader to Amazon’s own Kindle. Lexcycle’s Stanza is one […]

TwittMS iPhone App Review & Acoustibuds Winners

Firstly I want to congratulate Shelfish for commenting on the post, and to Richard Smith for tweeting me, you’ve each won a pair of Acoustibuds! I’ll contact you shorty to get your shipping details. Now, because you can never have too many Twitter Apps, I’m here to tell you about another one. Now, it’s no […]

Acoustibuds, Review and Giveaway!

So, maybe you didn’t win the Scosche Headphones, and maybe you really, really want a pair of in-ear buds but you don’t have  $30-$200 to drop right at the moment. Maybe you’re like me and cannot, possibly abide regular ear buds because of your tiny oddly shaped ears (TMI?) and they just don’t fit right, […]

The new iPhone Gmail and Google Voice, how awesome?

Everyone knows how much I love Google, and mostly that is because they often give extra special attention to iPhone users, with lots of their services being Optimized for the iPhone. (Except when it comes to Google Latitude – coming soon to iPhone indeed!). In fact, Google launched a specific Gmail interface just for iPhone […]

Cocktails+ App Review – On Sale, Free!

I was talking to a coworker about how much fun Apps are on my iPhone, and showing her a few of my choice favorites. She was coming up with fun ideas of her own “there should be an App for drinks!” she said, and my jaw dropped. I had just read one day previous about […]

Winners of the Scosche Products Giveaway

I’m very pleased with the turn-out for comments and tweets for the Scosche Reviews Contest, I’m sure you’re all waiting on pins and needles to find out who won the ReviveLite and the IDR400m Headphones. First off, props to Nutchos for coming up with with a hack-job of using the iPhone for an alarm right […]

5 USB port Travel Charger Review

Hey everyone. I want to start off with a reminder that today’s the last day to get yourself in for the draw to win a pair of Scosche ID400M Headphones/mic. Head on over to my Double Review, Double Giveaway post to see how to enter! Also, I want to thank everyone so much for the […]

Scosche Double Review, Double Giveaway!

To start off with, I want to say sorry for my unintentional absence from iPhoneinCanada over the last few weeks, I had a sudden last-minute move on my hands, and now things have just settled down. I’ve got a large backlog of Apps and a few Accessories that I want to tell you guys about. […]