2021 ‘Fastest Mobile Networks Canada’ for 5G Almost Underway

PCMag is gearing up for its annual Fastest Mobile Networks Canada survey, where the publication heads up north to drive across the country and test mobile speeds, ultimately crowning Canada’s fastest network.

PCMag will conduct testing from Halifax to Victoria, starting next week in Ontario and Manitoba. Every province but Newfoundland will be covered.

The country’s Big Three telcos — Rogers, Bell, and Telus, as well as regional carriers Videotron, which has some ambitious plans for nationwide expansion, Sasktel, and Freedom Mobile (which might soon be absorbed by either Rogers or Videotron) will be vying for the title of Canada’s fastest 5G network.

Early speed tests conducted by PCMag on Bell’s 5G network in Toronto showed download speeds of 1.044 Gbps while using 75MHz of 4G spectrum and 10MHz of band n66 5G spectrum.

According to the publication, the results easily dwarf peak speeds seen on T-Mobile’s 5G network in New York, with more spectrum available as well. Bell was the winner of PCMag‘s Fastest Mobile Networks Canada 2020.

As for latency, the publication found less than 15 ms on Bell’s 5G network in Toronto, and 9-10 ms on Rogers’ network.

Full country-wide results from PCMag for 5G network speeds and statistics will come out sometime at the end of October.