Bell’s 2018 Black Friday Deals: $0 iPhone XR, $0 iPhone X and More on Contract

Just like other Canadian wireless carriers, Bell has posted some ‘deals’ as part of their 2018 Black Friday event.

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If you’ve already seen other Black Friday deals from Rogers/Fido and Telus and Koodo, then you probably expected what’s coming.

Here’s what’s available for Apple users looking for iPhones on two-year contracts (which come with 2GB data bonuses right now):

  • $0 iPhone XR – $115/1GB per month (Premium Smartphone Ultra Plus Plan)
  • $0 iPhone X – $115/1GB per month (Premium Smartphone Ultra Plus Plan)
  • $0 iPhone 8 – $95/month (Premium Smartphone Plan)

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Similar $0 contract offers exist for various Samsung smartphones, if you’re interested in those.

If you are ready to sign on the dotted line for an iPhone contract, you are probably better off heading to a dealer such as Best Buy to get bonus gift cards.

Again, you’re paying for these devices in your monthly plan over 24 months, in exchange for short terms savings. It’s up to you to decide what is best (you could wait for Boxing Day to see if better deals pop up).