Fido Promo Offers $60/15GB BYOD Plan to Select Customers

If you’re with Rogers-owned Fido, you may want to check your account for a special plan being offered to some lucky customers.

Right now, a $60 plan with 15GB of data is available for bring your own device (BYOD), as shown within the Fido app and also online self serve. The plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling, text messages, call display and the usual extras.

The last time we heard of Fido offering a $60/15GB plan was back in September, when both Fido and Rogers were handing out this loyalty plan to people asking via online chat. Fido’s website does not list a 15GB plan, as $75/10GB is the closest you’ll get on BYOD.

Fido is currently offering an $8/month discount for 12 months on select plans as part of a Lunar New Year promo.

Telus recently was offering a $75/20GB plan with unlimited data, while Bell similarly followed suit. Rogers did not match its rivals for this limited-time promotion, which expired yesterday.

[via MobileSyrup]