Koodo iPhone 6s Contract Pricing Revealed

While TELUS-owned Koodo Mobile announced they would be offering sales of the iPhone 6s, the company did not announce prices. However, in an update to the Koodo website this morning, prices have been revealed on the eve of the device’s worldwide launch.

Device availability is limited right now, as the iPhone 6s is only available in Space Grey and Rose Gold in 16GB. The price on a two-year contract is $400:

Screenshot 2015 09 24 09 00 09

As for the iPhone 6s Plus, only 16GB is available in gold, for $530 on contract:

Screenshot 2015 09 24 08 59 46

As expected, these prices are in line with what Rogers, FidoTELUSBell and Virgin are charging for the iPhone 6s on contract. If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on the iPhone 6s, spend a bit more for at least 64GB of storage (ain’t nobody got time for 16GB nowadays).

The iPhone 6s launches tomorrow in Canada, with Apple Stores opening at 8AM (people have already started lining up!). Apple notified its first iPhone 6s customers online pre-orders shipped this morning.