Public Mobile Texting Customers to Switch Over to $40/15GB Promo Plan

Telus prepaid brand Public Mobile launched a promotional $40/15GB plan (4G speed) last week and it’s available for new and existing customers.

The plan has proved to be popular for existing customers that were on the fall 2016 promo, which saw a 90-day plan available for $120/12GB.

Yesterday, Public Mobile started texting existing customers about this “great deal”, asking them to reply “YES” if they wanted to get this limited-time offer added to their plan at the next renewal date, as noted by RFD user ‘tilo’:

public mobile $40/15gb

This $40 monthly plan with 15GB 4G speed data is not advertised on Public Mobile’s website. But existing customers can see the plan when they are logged in to switch to it. New customers will see the plan as an option when activating a new SIM card.

Switching to this $40/15GB promo plan does not automatically switch those on Public Mobile’s legacy rewards system, to the new points-based system. Your previous bonus data and minutes promos will remain.

Flanker brands such as Fido, Koodo and Virgin Mobile are showing $60 for a 10GB plan and $65 for a 20GB plan. So this $40 plan is considerably cheaper, albeit with “4G speed” which Public Mobile says is “up to 100 Mbps”.

Some RFD users switching to the new plan are worried Public Mobile might increase pricing for this $40/15GB plan in the future.

Back in February 2018, Public Mobile tried to increase the price of the $120/12GB plan by 25%, notifying customers of the change via text message. Upset customers ended up filing complaints with the CCTS and soon Public Mobile reversed its decision due to the blowback.

As of writing, we have yet to hear of Rogers’ Chatr or Bell’s Lucky Mobile or even Videotron’s Fizz offering up a rival plan, because the pulse online is this is the plan to switch to at the moment. We’ve reached out to Public Mobile to find out when this promo plan ends and will update this story accordingly.