TELUS Backs Bell Coalition’s Website Blocking Plan: “Right Direction” for Canada

Bell and its coalition of media partners in FairPlay Canada, have gained a powerful and expected ally: TELUS.

While Rogers is part of FairPlay Canada, the remaining member of the ‘Big 3’–TELUS–was notably missing until now, as it recently filed a submission to the CRTC in support of the coalition, details University of Ottawa law professor, Michael Geist.

Telus fairplay canada

In the 10-page TELUS submission dated March 29, 2018, the company explains “copyright law expertise is not what is required to implement the proposed regime.” But Geist replies this opinion is “wholly inconsistent with the experience in other jurisdictions, where copyright is a key part of a copyright blocking analysis.”

TELUS also writes over-blocking of websites could be an issue, but says the CRTC can easily reverse accidental blocks. The company also says there are no issues in regards to net neutrality with the website blocking proposal, because all ISPs would be involved with website blocking.

The telco concludes with the following:

In TELUS’ view, FairPlay Canada’s proposed regime is a step in the right direction for Canada. The Commission has never shied away from showing leadership in the fight against the unlawful use of communications networks, as evidenced by the significant efforts it has deployed in the fight against spam and intrusive calls, and its recently-announced participation in a global initiative to fight illegitimate online marketing activities. FairPlay Canada’s proposal provides yet another avenue for the Commission to demonstrate its commitment to the integrity of Canada’s communications networks.

Geist’s takedown of the TELUS submission? He says it “relies on remarkably weak and somewhat head-scratching analysis to arrive at its conclusion that the proposal meets the necessary legal standards.”

According to non-profit Open Media, over 100,000 Canadians have spoken out against FairPlay Canada and its plan to block piracy websites.

Click here to read his entire take on the TELUS filing in support of FairPlay Canada. Last month, Geist detailed a 17-part takedown on why the website blocking proposal was flawed.