DisplaySearch: Samsung Remains Apple’s Top Choice of iPad Display Supplier

IPad air

Apple and Samsung have been waging a legal war in court, but that hasn’t stopped them doing business: the latter remained the largest supplier of iPad displays in the first quarter, says DisplaySearch (via CNET).

According to a ZDNet Asia report, Samsung Display shipments of 2048 × 1538 pixel displays accounted for 62% of market share, with 5.2 million display units shipped. The Korean report cites DisplaySearch’s analysis as its source.

The displays with the aforementioned specifications are used for the iPad Air and iPad mini 2 (with Retina display).

On the other hand, LG Display – also an Apple display supplier – has seen its market share drop to 38% from 61% in 2013 Q4.

This could also be as a result of the drop in iPad sales, which, you may recall, dropped 16%, according to Apple’s second-quarter results.