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Alleged iPhone 5S Camera Suggests Independent LED Flash Component

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The French points to a Chinese retailer Luna Commerce publishing pictures of the alleged iPhone 5S camera module. Apparently Apple’s next-generation iPhone could have its LED flash component completely independent from the lens.

iPhone 5S camera module

The above image — as you can see — shows a standalone camera attached to a ribbon, while the iPhone 5 has a ribbon attached to the same iPhone part.
There were rumours suggesting that the iPhone 5S would sport a dual-LED flash, and not a simple flash as does the iPhone 5. If the above is genuine, it would appear to confirm the rumour, as the connectors could differ.

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iPhone 5S camera module 1

Also, the part does not give any indication about the quality of the leaked camera, although the iPhone 5S is expected to feature a 12 MP camera with an improved night-shooting. The latest camera upgrade was done when Apple decided to go with an 8 MP lens and added a sapphire lens assembly. The iPhone 5 also sports an 8 MP camera.

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