Alleged Photos of Low-Cost iPhone Show Plastic iPhone 5 Case

A new set of images of what Chinese sources claim to represent the low-cost iPhone have reached, which is known for its reliability regarding information accuracy about unreleased Apple products.


As you can see from the above image, it shows the rear of the plastic iPhone with a Lightning cable plugged into the bottom.

The images appear to be very convincing, but after a closer look and analysis, like the ones performed by the French site and MacRumors, reveals that these are fakes.


The first thing that catches the eye is the lack of an Apple logo. Secondly, the Lightning cable appears to be plugged into a plastic case rather than a lightning port of a device.

Nowhereelse has performed other types of analysis: they adjusted the exposure and contrast of the image, to reveal the bottom of the device. As a result, the Lightning cable definitely appears to be plugged into a hole in the case.


Also, the low-cost iPhone features lots of similarities with the iPhone 5 (speaker, microphone and headphone jack), which isn’t likely to happen when the device launches this fall — if the rumour mill is correct.