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Apple Releases 2019 Chinese New Year Short Film Shot on iPhone XS [VIDEO]

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Apple has released a short film ahead of Chinese New Year, shot on iPhone XS by film director Jia Zhangke.

Apple chinese new year bucket

Check out the short film below, followed by a couple behind the scenes clips:

What gifts would your parents prepare when your Chinese New Year visit comes to an end? A film about the taste of home shot on iPhone XS by Jia Zhangke.

Acclaimed film director Jia Zhangke talks about bridging the gap between his subject matter and audience through Depth Control with iPhone XS. Use Depth Control to get closer to the taste of home this Chinese New Year.

Acclaimed film director Jia Zhangke sheds some light on how slowing time with Slo-mo on iPhone XS makes emotions last longer. Use Slo-mo to prolong and savor the taste of home this Chinese New Year.

Earlier this month, Apple revised its upcoming earnings forecast, lowering revenue estimates citing slower iPhone sales in Greater China, as part of what CEO Tim Cook called “economic deceleration” in the country as one factor.

Apple also recently lowered the price of the iPhone XR in China, in an effort to spark sales, while also launched its HomePod speaker in the country.

Last year, Apple updated its Clips app with a Chinese New Year theme to help celebrate the Lunar New Year.

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