Apple-Designed Face Mask Gets Unboxing Treatment [PICS]

This week we all learned Apple had designed its own reusable face mask for retail employees to wear, called Apple Mask.

We saw the Apple Mask in action at the new Apple Marina Bay Sands location in Singapore this week. But now we have unboxing pictures of Apple Mask, shared on Twitter by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Of course, the unboxing of Apple’s Reusable Face Mask reveals the latter is available in a medium/large size, while wearers are told to sign into the AppleConnect employee portal to get “more information on how to use the face mask.”

Apple face mask unboxing

Opening up the paper packaging reveals a true Apple unboxing experience, as seen in the pictures below:

Apple face mask unboxing 2

Apple face mask unboxing 3

Apple face mask unboxing 4

The impressive part is the Apple Mask has been made to be reusable, letting the wearer wash it up to five times before the need to discard it. This reduces waste compared to single-use surgical masks Apple employees are given at stores.

Back in April during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple designed face shields for healthcare workers and offered detailed instructions for companies to make their own.