Apple Finally Makes its ‘Secret’ Cambridge Siri Lab Official

Apple office 1

In November last year, it was reported that Apple is maintaining a ‘secret’ office in Cambridge, UK, which it uses to work on its AI-powered personal assistant Siri. Later that month, another report claimed that the company was looking to increase the size of its Siri team at the office, as it works on making its voice assistant sound more natural. 

Today, Cambridge News is reporting that Apple has finally decided to make its Cambridge operations official as the company’s iconic logo has now appeared on signage outside the building.

Apple reportedly started hiring staff in Cambridge to work on Siri following its $100m acquisition of Cambridge University spin-out VocalIQ, which was using artificial intelligence to develop a system that would allow humans and computers to communicate using natural language.

Apple office 2

It is now believed that more than 30 people, including former VocalIQ staff, are now working at the office located at 90 Hills Road, developing new versions of Siri to compete with the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.