Apple Allegedly Expanding Apple University in China [Rumour]

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Apple is looking to expand its Apple University program to China, according to a “person familiar with the matter”, reports 9to5Mac. The company VP and Dean of Apple University, Joel Podolny, is allegedly interviewing candidates for a new Dean’s position in China.

This marks the first time Apple has expanded the presence of its program launched by Steve Jobs with former Yale School of Business Dean Podolny to keep the Apple culture alive. We have heard plenty of times recently how important China is to Apple, so expanding the program could make sense, and considering that the company has many suppliers in China, 9to5Mac is speculating that a notable portion of the Apple University classes in the country will be focusing on engineering and manufacturing matters.

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed the plans to a small group of employees during a recent meeting with China retail operations staff, the source added. Cook reportedly said that the purpose of an Apple University in China is to teach the growing China base of Apple employees and managers about the corporation’s “heritage and culture.” He added that Apple is a “look forward organization, not a look back one,” and that the company “cannot afford a weak link” between its work in the U.S. and in China.

Tim Cook recently said Apple is aiming to increase its presence in China through its iconic retail stores, and let’s not forget that with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the company’s has seen a tremendous number of pre-orders. Some say it has surpassed 20 million units, exceeding Apple’s expectations.