Apple’s Car Ambitions Reportedly Hindering Tesla’s Development [Rumour]

Apple has hired away a number of Tesla employees for its own vehicle project. While Tesla’s CEO hasn’t publicly admitted it, a source familiar with the matter told AppleInsider that Apple’s poaching of Tesla employees has had a “big impact” on the development process of future projects.


For example, the Tesla Model X’s launch was delayed numerous times but is finally coming this month. The source couldn’t specify how Apple’s plans impacted the Model X, but it did mention that the Model S sedan also suffered significant setbacks during the development process.

The picture is different with the Model 3, which is scheduled for delivery in 2017, but the industry has already started whispering about possible delays. Now, if we add that Apple has hired away employees ranging from production managers to senior engineers, the source’s statement makes sense.

Earlier this year, Tesla’s Elon Musk said that Apple has actually hired away very few people from the company despite offering $250,000 bonuses. Later on, however, reports surfaced that the bonuses have had the desired effect: Tesla employees have knocked on Apple’s doors, “claiming their reward” for jumping ship.

Tesla has various problems to handle, and the source did not rule out a possible acquisition of Tesla by Apple, though at this point, it seems unlikely. By the way, Apple has more than 1,000 employees working on its “ambitious” car project, dubbed as Project Titan.