Apple Hires Former Disney+ Executive Ahead of Apple TV+ Launch

Ahead of the public launch of Apple TV+ later this year, Apple has hired a former Walt Disney executive to join its video team.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple has hired Chiara Cipriani, former VP of Disney+ International, as a Director of Video Services.

“Chiara Cipriani started with Apple as a director of video services earlier this month in London, according to her LinkedIn bio, after about a decade at Disney,” reads the report. “She previously was an executive working on the new Disney+ service and had managed DisneyLife, its international predecessor. Disney declined to comment. Apple didn’t respond to requests for comment.”

At Disney, Cipriani was the general manager of the company’s digital direct to consumer service, holding the title of vice president of content and commercial. She originally joined Disney in 2008 as a development director, and then continued on to manage the company’s digital media distribution team for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Prior to joining The Walt Disney Company, Cipriani worked with FilmFlex Movies as chairman and board member. She has also worked with Jetix as digital director and with The Poker Channel Europe as director of television. With close to 23 years of work experience, Cipriani has also worked with Sky and Deloitte in the past.

This fall will see the launch of two major competing streaming services: Apple TV+ and Disney+. While both companies have announced their respective services, Disney is the only one to have unveiled the monthly subscription price of $7/month. In comparison, Apple has provided quite a few details about Apple TV+.

Disney CEO Bob Iger had been on Apple‘s board of directors since 2011, and while some have questioned whether he will keep his seat as both Apple and Disney become streaming competitors, he said last month that he expects to remain on the board and sees no reason to leave.