Facebook’s Two-Factor Authentication No Longer Requires a Phone Number

In an effort to persuade more people to start using two-factor authentication, Facebook is making it easier than ever to set up.

According to a new press release from the social media giant, it is improving its two-factor authentication feature by introducing two new functionalities.

The two-factor authentication tool essentially facilitates additional layers of security for online accounts. Normally, it connects accounts to a mobile device and sends time-based one-time passwords for additional authentication.

Facebook‘s newest feature makes it easier to enable two-factor authentication by creating a streamlined setup flow that guides users through the process. It also gives users more options in which they can secure their account with a second factor – an authenticator app – thus ensuring that even users without a phone number can enable two-factor authentication.

“Why use two-factor authentication? Two-factor authentication is an industry best practice for providing additional account security,” reads the press release. “We continue to encourage enabling two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of protection to your Facebook account.”

Here’s how to set up Facebook’s two-factor authentication:

  1. Go to Settings -> Account Settings
  2. Click on “Security and Login”
  3. Scroll down and click on “Use two-factor authentication”
  4. Follow the prompts to either enter a code from a text message or an authentication app

If Facebook’s move encourages more users to enable the feature, it’ll be good news. Security experts say you shouldn’t rely on passwords alone to keep your online accounts safe, but the process for setting two-authentication can be cumbersome. Hopefully Facebook‘s features make it a bit less so.