Instagram For iOS Users Can No Longer Disable Automatic Video Playback

Instagram video

A few months back, Instagram added video sharing to its platform, allowing users to share 15 second video clips. While videos seamlessly integrate into the Instagram timelines, most users would turn off Instagram’s automatic video playback feature. Unfortunately, the latest Instagram for iOS update has taken away the ability to switch off automatic video playback, as noted by Engadget.

After today’s unpleasant surprise, Instagram users are no longer able to switch off the auto-play toggle. Received video clips start playing muted and can be limited to preloading on WiFi, though there’s no way to stop them from playing automatically in the first place. Apparently, the change has not yet been made to the app’s Android counterpart.

It’s not yet clear just why the option went away. However, it must be noted that the change comes right before Instagram plans to start running ads. So whether or not the company removed the setting with ads in mind, we’ll have to wait and see.