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Here are iOS 13 Features Coming Apple Didn’t Talk About On Stage [LIST]

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Ios 13 features

Apple today teased iOS 13 at WWDC which comes with Dark Mode and revamped interfaces and apps. But there wasn’t enough time for Apple to talk about all the new features.

Here is a list of features Apple noted in one of their iOS 13 slides, but didn’t have time to mention. Check them out below:

  • Improve Report a Problem in Maps
  • FaceTime on Dual SIM
  • Location controls for shared photos
  • Separate Emoji and Globe keys
  • Siri Suggestions in Safari
  • CarPlay irregular screen size support
  • View-only collaboration in Notes
  • Typing predictions for Vietnamese
  • Folder management in Notes
  • Hey Siri support in CarPlay
  • Add attachments to events in Calendar
  • Optimized battery charging
  • iMessage on Dual SIM
  • Block sender in Mail
  • Siri Shortcuts in Home automations
  • Wi-Fi selection in Control Center
  • Single sign-on extension
  • New relationship labels in Contacts
  • Typing predictions for Hindi
  • Language selection per app
  • Enhanced QR code scanning
  • Typing predictions for Swedish
  • Second video stream support in CarPlay
  • Enhanced anti-fingerprint protections in Safari
  • Do Not Disturb While Driving in CarPlay
  • Low Data Mode
  • Search enhancements in Photos
  • Enhanced language setup
  • Data separation for BYOD
  • Hindi and English bilingual keyboard
  • Light mode in CarPlay
  • Reading goals for Apple Books
  • New Indian language system fonts
  • More powerful search in Notes
  • Thai-English bilingual dictionary
  • Updated Safari start page
  • Improved search in Messages
  • Independent CarPlay app views
  • Bluetooth wireless splitter
  • Mute thread in Mail
  • Siri Suggestions in Apple Podcasts
  • Managed Apple IDs for business
  • Transit detection for Do Not Disturb While Driving
  • Customize appearance of Reminder lists
  • Business Chat suggestions
  • Typing predictions for Dutch
  • New checklist options in Notes
  • Typing predictions for Cantonese
  • Typing predictions for Arabic
  • Silence unknown callers
  • AirPlay 2 speakers in Home automations
  • Video downloads optimized for congestion in India
  • Keyboard support in all 22 official Indian languages
  • Vietnamese-English bilingual dictionary
  • Option to download large apps over cellular
  • Adjustable Chinese handwriting keyboard height
  • 38 new language keyboards
  • Refreshed Home accessory controls
  • Weak password warnings
  • Maps Place Card enhancements
  • Dolby Atmos playback
  • Apple News+ in UK and Australia
  • Simultaneous phone calls on Dual SIM
  • Conversational Siri Shortcuts
  • CarPlay adjustable screen size support
  • Modern authentication for device enrolment
  • Indian English Siri voices
  • Siri Event Suggestions from third-party apps

Apple also has more detail on these features listed on this iOS 13 preview page.

As developers can now download new betas of iOS 13, iPadOS, watchOS 6, tvOS 13 and macOS Catalina, stay tuned to see these features and more in actions.

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