Apple Says iOS 8 Adoption Has Reached 72% of Devices

Apple’s App Store distribution page has been updated to reflect new iOS 8 adoption rate numbers, now sitting at 72% (a four per cent increase since last month), as measured by App Store usage as of February 2, 2015.

Screenshot 2015 02 03 11 32 52

While iOS 8 adoption numbers continue to increase, the pace lags behind last year’s iOS 7, which reached 78% adoption by December. iOS 8 initially required large amounts of free space to update (some people even sued Apple), while subsequent updates also were filled with critical bugs (*cough* iOS 8.0.1), most likely turning users off.

To put Apple’s numbers in contrast, Android’s latest Lollipop 5.0 OS is only on 1.6% of devices, with a majority still stuck using KitKat 4.4:

Screenshot 2015 02 03 12 08 55

During Apple’s recent 2015 Q1 earnings call, the company revealed it had sold its 1 billionth iOS device back in November 2014.