‘iPhone Xs Max’ is Apple’s Heaviest Phone Ever, Apple Watch Upgrading to 64-Bit: REPORT

In what is certainly one of the final rumours/leaks regarding the iPhone lineup set to be announced tomorrow, Apple’s so-called “iPhone Xs Max” will be the Cupertino company’s heaviest phone ever.

According to a new report from 9to5Mac, the “iPhone Xs Max” will weigh in at 7.34 ounces — heavier than Apple’s heaviest phone, the iPhone 8 Plus, which weighs in at 7.13 ounces.

While this doesn’t seem like too drastic of an increase, it’s likely due to Apple using a stainless steel casing on the “iPhone Xs Max” compared to the aluminum that is currently used on the iPhone 8 Plus.

Additionally, 9to5Mac expects that Apple will continue to include the same “slow 5W charging brick with USB-A in the box.” While many analysts expected Apple to upgrade its basic charger to a fast-charging solution, famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently reversed his prediction — one that 9to5Mac apparently agrees with.

The upcoming “iPhone Xs Max” with dual-SIM support will feature four holes on one side of its Lightning port and seven holes on the other — the current design of the 5.8-inch iPhone features six holes on each side of the port. This doesn’t mean that the iPhone will feature a headphone jack, however.

9to5Mac also predicts that Apple will release two new space wallpapers that will match the space gray and silver models, much like the leaked gold iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max images.

Lastly, the report predicts that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4 will upgrade to a 64-bit processor, as 32-bit software is no longer supported on iOS and is going away on macOS next year. If so, the Apple Watch Series 4 will see a performance boosts in addition to an upgraded design, slimmer bezels, and new watch faces.

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