Nintendo Releases Splatoon 3 Widgets for iOS, Android

As noted by The Verge, the latest update to its Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS and Android allows paid subscribers to add Splatoon 3-specific widgets to their phone or tablet homescreen.


The updated Nintendo Switch Online app adds the ability to use three new widgets i.e. a photo album, your battle log to show your recent wins and losses, and a stage schedule that fills you in on the upcoming stage rotation for various game modes.

If you can’t get enough Splatoon 3, using these widgets is a good way to constantly be tapped into your obsession. Each of the widgets is a different size (and can be modified slightly), so organize your homescreen accordingly.

It’s ironic and kind of great that Splatoon 3 brought about this forward-thinking online integration out of Nintendo. Compared to previous installments, this game’s online modes are much easier to join and play with friends.

Splatoon 3 became the biggest game launch for the Nintendo Switch in Japan across both physical and digital channels, moving 3.45 million copies during its first three days on sale.

The game has already sold 600,000 more units than Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the previous record holder for the best-selling Nintendo Switch launch, did in its first week of availability.

To commemorate the release of Splatoon 3, Nintendo also announced a Special Edition Nintendo Switch – OLED model earlier this year themed after the game. Nintendo’s Splatoon 3 edition Switch went on sale on August 26.