‘Nude’ App Uses CoreML Machine Learning to Protect Users’ Racy Photos

Amid increased security concerns after the celebrity nude hack back in 2014, among others, a new iOS app is trying to protect iOS users’ racy photos from another iCloud leak.

According to a new report from The Verge, the iOS app, officially called Nude: The Sexiest App Ever, aims to make the process a lot easier by scanning your photos for nudes, putting them in a private vault, deleting them from your camera roll and then erasing them from iCloud. All of this analysis is done on your iPhone, too, so no sensitive information hits the cloud.

The creators of the app, Jessica Chiu and Y.C. Chen, said they received constant inquiries when promoting the app at the recent TechCrunch Disrupt conference. “Everyone said, ‘Oh I don’t have nudes — but can you tell me more?'”

The app uses either a PIN or Touch ID to secure your photos, as well as an integrated camera to take them in the app itself. You can view your naughty photos and video in Nude, too, and the app keeps track of any attempts to get into your photo vault.

According to the iTunes description of the app, users can protect copies of his of her driver’s license, ID, and credit cards as well, though it doesn’t mention if the built-in AI will detect these in the same way as risqué photos.

Private, on-device analysis is only available with iOS 11, however – users of iOS 10 and under will have their photos categorized by Amazon‘s cloud-based Rekognition tech.

Nude is free to download but will run users $1 USD for a monthly subscription or $10 for an annual one.