Tim Cook Named the Best CEO of 2014 by CNN

Tim cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook was chosen as the top chief executive officer of 2014 by CNN for doing “an amazing job” this year. The news agency credits the technology giant with being the apple of Wall Street’s eye once more, noting that Apple’s stock is up 40% this year, reaching all time-high levels that are pushing the company’s market cap toward $1 trillion.

Investors love Apple for multiple reasons not least, of course, because of the high return on their investment! However, since Tim Cook replaced the late prodigy Steve Jobs many were wondering if Apple will be able to continue to be as innovative and dynamic.

Tim Cook soon proved to naysayers that “yes, Apple can still innovate”. After developing the 4-inch display, Apple made another huge leap of faith and launched the bigger screen iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus phablet, while stepping into the wearables market with Apple Watch. A month later launched Apple Pay, which industry watchers hope will kick-start the era of mobile payments.

Apple’s CEO was seconded by BlackBerry’s John Chen, who was able to convince the industry that the Canadian smartphone manufacturer is not dead. Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella ranked third, as he showed Wall Street that he is the right person for the demanding job.