Review: Yogacardz – 101 Yoga Poses

Do you like Yoga? Do you do Yoga as part of an exercise routine?

If so, we have a new fitness related application from Rob Maran! For those familiar with his applications, you can check out our previous reviews of his apps Pocket Cocktails, Easy Recipes, Bark Machine, and Six Pack App.

Yogacardz – 101 Yoga Poses by Rob Maran & Deidra Jones

Yogacardz gives you 101 exercise “cards” that include the same studio quality pictures that we have come to expect from all of Rob Maran’s apps. Each “card” includes a different yoga pose, step by step instruction for the pose, and very high quality images as a reference for the pose.

Yogacardz begins with a table of contents in which you choose the type of yoga exercise you want to do. For example, some of the categories are standing, sitting, and advanced. Within each of these categories are the yoga “cards” that detail further information.

Within the cards, navigation is made very easy by simply tapping on where you want to go within each “card”. As for the app as a whole, along the bottom of the main Yogacardz screen are navigation tabs such as “All poses”, Random, and Search. Each of these tabs provide additional functions that allow you to quickly browse the entire collection of yoga poses.

The app also includes Yoga Practices, which can be chosen from the list of available categories. The Practices include over 160 high quality photos, step by step instructions, and a countdown timer. As a bonus however, the Practices also include soothing music from “Swaha”, composed by Marla Meenakshi and Ron Reid. This music plays during each Practice, providing additional relaxation.

Yogacardz does not require an internet connection on your iPhone because the entire contents of the app is stored locally on the your device. This makes Yogacardz accessible anywhere that you and your iPhone are.

Overall, if you currently do yoga or are planning to get into it, I would check out Yogacardz. It is a very convenient app to have and adds much insight into learning about yoga.

Yogacardz is available in the iTunes AppStore for $0.99

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