Bell Launches $60 Canada-wide Calling Plan with 10GB Data for BC, AB, ON [u]


After Rogers and Fido launched a $60/month BYOD promo plan with 10GB of data for customers in BC, Alberta and Ontario, it now appears Bell is ready to join the mix, set to offer the same plan as of December 15, 2017.

Trying to get through to Bell? Try calling this number to get through versus 611 on your phone: 1-855-718-3612

Update: Koodo has joined the battle out west by offering $60/10GB to BC, Alberta and Ontario.

The information comes via a Best Buy Mobile flyer (or you can visit any Bell/Virgin store), which is advertising this $60 per month plan with unlimited Canada-wide calling and text and 10GB data. The data bonus is only good for 24 months, matching Rogers/Fido.

More details should emerge once this plan goes live tomorrow and when it does, we’ll be sure to update this post.

Also, some users on RFD are also stating Koodo is set to launch a similar plan tomorrow, while parent company Telus will also issue a response tomorrow at some time.

These simultaneous ‘Big 3’ price wars can be linked back to Freedom Mobile’s $60/10GB offering, which is putting pressure on incumbents, especially now that the former sells iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus and more.

Update 1:35PM, Dec. 15: We reached out to Bell for clarification on this promo plan, and a spokesperson told iPhone in Canada it is indeed a 10GB plan for Alberta and BC, “not 5GB + 5GB”. Bell confirmed “after 24 months it will still be 10GB of data.”

Update 2, Dec. 16: This plan is now available in Ontario.


  • Si2k78

    Actual competition? Albeit, only in two provinces. Still, colour me impressed.

  • Samano

    Meanwhile living in Toronto we to rich doe such a plan ?

  • Manpreet Singh


  • erth

    Here is another reason to move out of ontario… and into alberta.

  • DONALDainamaito TRUMPetto

    I suspect they are finally feeling the pressure from Freedom, is just a matter of time for Ontario to also get this sort of deal. FM is rolling out full LTE coverage in Toronto in spring 2018 (B7) then summer 2018(B13) and I’m already seeing LTE on my iPhone 6 in some area in the GTA. Ranges from bloor west, queen west and king west, and well past Steele!

  • Gord Henderson

    The CRTC should force each service provider to offer their lowest price all across Canada. Providing equal access for all.

  • Ex

    Koodo launched. According to legal terms the plan is available in ON, BC, AB. No other details yet.

  • Fireeast

    Where is the Link to the Flyer? I can’t seem to find this deal anywhere.

  • It’s Me

    Yup. And it is a fully loaded plan.
    Unlimited Canada wide calling, Easy Roam, VM, CID, etc, etc

    BYOP, no term. Ontario, BC and Alberta. New signups only.

  • It’s Me

    Koodo has the exact same plan right now for Ontario.

  • It’s Me

    Koodo has the same for Ontario, BC and Alberta.

    The Mobile Shop is offering new BYOD activations on Koodo with the $60/mo 10GB plan in ONTARIO. Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling, Call Display, Voicemail 10, Call Forwarding, Call Conferencing, Easy Roam. NEW Activations only.

  • joe
  • Gh0st8

    Can i switch my existing plan to this?

  • Sam

    I just ported my 3 lines from fido to Bell with this plan via online chat! 60$ 10gb and no exp on that 10gb! thanks for posting the deal! easy switch! im in BC

  • Si2k78

    Is it 5GB+5GB or a straight 10GB plan?

  • Scott Jung

    Don’t see this promotion on bell’s website?

  • Kamil

    Has anyone seen the Bell deal anywhere in online or in a flyer?

  • It’s Me

    Straight up 10GB AFAIK

  • Update: Just spoke with a Bell retail employee on the phone, this offer is indeed live and the 10GB data does not expire.

  • jat brar

    They are giving that deal via call centre only. I just got it

  • jat brar

    They are giving that deal via call centre only.

  • Kamil

    If anyone finds anything written about the bell plan or has signed up and recived confirmation on what it includes and can share it would be apprichaited.

    Fido said they will match with proof only tho

  • Extensial

    You can walk in to any Bell or Virgin Mobile and get the deal. $60 – 10gb, unlimited Canada wide calling and texting. If you are already with Bell or Virgin you can switch to the other one to get the deal. You keep your phone number as well, just bring an account number with your provider.

  • Extensial

    You can, if you are with Bell just switch to Virgin Mobile, or vice versa. They are sister companies with the same deal.

  • NN
  • TimeLordX

    Does anyone know Bell loyalty department phone number please?

  • Dee Roman

    Damn Bell!!! Me and my family had been loyal subscribers for our cellphones for years. When I tried to get them to give me a better deal on my voice and data plans for my cellphones, their offer was minuscule, so I told them I was going to Freedom Mobile. Now that they are feeling the heat, revenue loss, they come out with this plan. This is proof that they don’t GIVE A DAMN! about you or how loyal you’ve been. It’s about the almighty dollar and the more they can get from you and I the better for them. You and I, my dear friends, are not and never were or will be, the incumbent’s top priority!!

  • Gah…thanks, updated! Should have known to trust my gut and not believe store reps…

  • You da man Sam, nice!

  • warpdrive

    I wonder if the Telus offer will be the same…… that and I just read on the Telus site that the Apple Watch plan can only be added to a share plan. If this is a BYOD plan it may not work with the Apple Watch. Looks as though I’ll be calling TELUS today to see….

  • khiladi420

    i just called on my lunch time and the person at customer service didn’t even know about it.

  • Adam Ferguson

    Just switched to this plan! Can’t find anywhere in the emailed receipt bell sent saying that 5gb is a bonus tho… just shows 10… it’s no contract either, just 30 days!

  • Sterling Archer

    I believe it’s 666?

  • I’m hearing from readers on Twitter their sales agreement does not state 24 months only for the 10GB.

  • v moogs

    A day after my tablet hit $60 on the flex plan for tablets and was cut off as overage costs were $50. So $10 is not just the minimum but the maximum charge for the data only flex plan. My own tablet will not get the unlimited cellular Canada wide minutes and cut off at $60 for over usage as defined by them or the CRTC ? Still a scam here I’d think. My iPad does not have equal rights now. I was offered the deal from Bells Call centre for the $60 plan but it took two calls and no translation into byod data only flex.

  • NOHoldsBar

    Some say it’s better to make a deal with the devil than with Bell.

  • kjjtruong

    I just switched to this plan. If they tell you they can’t find the offer…reference BABBC60 offer code $60 BYOD plan. I did it via their website’s live chat

  • jat brar

    They should know its all over now.

  • v moogs

    The flex data only byod plan has changed and is not really fair if you were going over data and fall in around 5-7 gb as you’ll be charged a big 5gb step. This was not identified at all during a call with Bell. I think they just lost me as a customer to charge that much for data only. $85 for 10gb on byod data only is a complete scam when a phone will get unlimited minutes Canada wide added to it AND COST $25 LESS. WOW BELL

  • khiladi420

    Yeah, I called back after half an hour and got the plan.

  • Samano

    Oh really beside the data what’s the talk an text intail

  • Samano


  • It’s Me

    UNL Canada wide calling
    Unl international and/mms
    Call display/name display
    Easy roam



  • rob bruce

    Just got the deal! Bell was “very happy” to give the promotion.

  • rob bruce

    Thanks @iphoneincanada:disqus for posting this 🙂

  • TimeLordX

    I’m an existing Bell customer; I had to call their customer service department, to eventually end up speaking with their customer retention specialist. I was nice and polite to them and they were nice and polite to me, and they’ve got my plan changed to what I wanted. I’ve ended up with 13 GB of data more than what I had before, paying $30 less of what I paid before (I migrated two of my existing phones)

    Happy Bell customer here!

  • TimeLordX

    Thank you, I started with *611 and eventually got transferred to their retention department

  • Cheers Rob!

  • Nice!

  • Justin

    Here are the details

  • Mobile Guru

    Just got this plan by calling in.

    -You have to be a a BYOP customer
    -Not on a 2 yr term

  • Mobile Guru
  • Steven Yaklin

    They told me that i was on a 24 month plan snd didn’t qualify

  • Amin

    Can we find same offer in Ontario

  • Amin

    Can Bell offer same 60$ for 10GB plan in Ontario. If yes how we will get this offer. I checked both BC and Ontario Bell website for this offer but could not find it. Any help!

  • khiladi420

    Looks like koodo have it acailable in ontario

  • Amin

    Can Bell offer same 60$ for 10GB plan in Ontario. If yes how we will get this offer. I checked both BC and Ontario Bell website for this offer but could not find it. Any help!

  • Amin

    • Unlimited anytime Canada wide minutes
    • Unlimited nationwide text, picture and video messages
    • Call Display, Message Centre, Conference Calling and Call Waiting
    • Unlimited access to Canada’s largest Wi-Fi network, including participating McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Indigo and Chapters locations
    • 10 GB Data (life time)

    Bell Offer for BC and AB (60$ promotion plan includes 10 GB data) not offering for Ontario. Confirmed from bell rep during chat..

  • Mitchell Matula

    Just did this, super painless in Bell store. Took like 5 minutes to switch.

    Free activation, free sim and no cancellation charge from Koodo. I left the store without spending a cent! w00t. 10gb data and LTE fast 😀

  • Philippe M

    How long will this offer be active? Is it till December 18 like Rogers?

  • My 1/2 cents

    That’s a Virgin plan and Ontario only?

  • My 1/2 cents

    Let’s hope I won’t regret this decision. Bell doesn’t have the best reputation these days. I had Koodo give me this same plan. I had a really awesome rep…waited more than 2.5 hours on (speaker phone) hold. I had some other options too like going with Telus, but Telus charges $20, or $25 for a SIM which is nuts and the deal isn’t until Saturday.

    I settled for Bell. I hope the rate plan won’t jump soon because this plan is not term or contract based.

  • Mobile Guru

    AB/BC/ON plan.

  • Lorne Richard

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to give an update from the perspective of an Ontario Bell customer. I just got off the phone with Bell customer service. Didn’t go through Retention/ Loyalty. Got the change right away. No term, no contract. The offer code for Ont. is a little different than BABBC60; that is a code for BC. The agent didn’t give me the new code. Thank you to this site for the news about the plan!

  • Raghu Modi

    Just got a new connection with Bell BYOD 60 with 1GB data, guy wrote on the agreement it will be 10gb as Bell is matching it in Ontario now. Calling customer service to confirm

  • Raghu Modi

    Just got off the phone with Bell-ON. The 1 GB data will be upgraded to 10GB after one week since there system is not able to do it as of now hence the my bell will only show 1GB. There is no cap on the 10GB data limit as well and it will be permanent until you change your plan

  • Update: Plan now available in Ontario

  • Puneet Misra

    do you know how an existing rogers customer can get this plan for bell? i dont see this plan online the bell site.

  • Bruce Purgavie

    I just switched one of the lines on my virgin account to the new deal (staying with virgin). They would not let me switch the second line to the same $60 plan because that line had not been activated for more than 6 months…..even after I explained that it may very well lead to porting that line to a competitor.

  • NOHoldsBar

    But if you look at the terms and and conditions Bell can increase the cost is of the plan by giving you 30 days notice.

  • Spiridus

    I went to a Bell store in Hamilton, Ontario and asked about this offer, they said yes. I then asked if I can also add the $5 Apple Watch plan, the manager said “Of course”, so I accepted. 5 minutes after activation was complete, the Bell employee and manager could not find it on the MyBell app, so they called support. Support told them the Apple Watch plan is not available with the $60 10GB plan. Going to try to fight this with Loyalty dep’t and if they still say no, I’m going back to Koodo or to Telus. So be careful to anyone who wants this so they can use the Apple Watch LTE. I was so hesitant to go back to Bell (left them over 10 years ago) and now, all that’s going through my mind is “Classic Bell”.

  • Gee

    I just signed up with Virgin (from Freedom) during black Friday weekend. Would I be eligible to change to this 10 GB/$60 plan as 3 week old customer?

  • Scott

    This is exactly what I got today. No activation fee. No sim card charge. Switched in 5mins

  • Mike

    Gary, you pulling the trigger on this? I’m with PM but this seems too good to pass up. Would likely go with Bell. Been with them before with no problems.

  • Raghu Modi

    The clause will always be there in any mobile connection contract. I have had bell and rogers since 2006 and same clause in there agreement as well

  • I don’t use a lot of data and so far really happy with PM. Got lots of referrals from you guys so that helps 🙂

  • Will Arthur

    What if you still have several months left on your 2 year plan?

  • Jay Parlar

    For anyone else who’s curious, they’ve explicitly made this a non-Share plan. Meaning you can’t add any family members to it, and you can’t add an Apple Watch or tablet to it.

  • Steve

    That’s not freedom.

  • Steve

    If the plans are this good, why jump in on a deal right now when they’ll only get better? It wouldn’t be smart to pull the trigger at the beginning of a price war.

  • Gord Henderson

    That’s correct. It is a partial solution to the digital divide in Canada. It is a regulated industry and always will be.

  • Lisa

    Just spent an hour on hold with Bell, for them to say “Due to extreme circumstances they have closed their office”. Does anyone have any information about this? Is the deal available tomorrow as well? Thanks!

  • Allan Byard

    Go to superstore PC Mobile kiosk. They work with all carriers and will match the 60 dollar 10 gig deal…but with no waiting on the phone! You might get a superstore gift card too! (Just saying’..I don’t work here)

  • Steve

    Just switched to bell. My iPhone 6s Plus seems to show 3G a lot more than lte. I’m in an area with full LTE coverage. Any ideas?

  • ihatebeingright

    Does anyone know if there’s an expiry date on the Bell offer? Rogers ad says their offer expires Dec 18.

  • Tanul Anand

    So if I use up 1GB in a day I won’t be charged for overage?

  • JD Kaye

    When is the deadline to sign-up, I just called and offices closed…

  • Raghu Modi

    You shouldn’t. Just check your billing cycle as the data will be pro rated. Even if you get charged in the bill, they will be happy to reverse it. All the cell phone providers are providing 10gb in ontario now including rogers

  • Jay

    Before you sign up, be aware of the data overage rates. If you exceed 10GB you’re going to be paying in the range of $70 per GB.

  • McHuman

    Ah great! so I went through the trouble of moving to Virgin for nothing! lol

  • Willy

    Freedom mobile has brought the changes to the big 3 who thought this will ever happens.

  • Ahmet

    Hi Raghu,
    Did they tell you roughly when the 10GB would be applied by and how exactly?

  • Raghu Modi

    Hey, yes they said roughly one week so it should be on the plan by next Monday

  • KainsLegion

    With Bell I had my new 10 gig plan applied almost immediately (within an hour I saw everything updated) with the appropriate values (however that calculation works) for being part way through my billing cycle between two different plans.

  • If you’re still trying to get through to Bell, call this number: 1-855-718-3612

  • iPedro1000

    Note that the plan does not allow shareable data. So if you have another device like an iPad or an AppleWatch on your plan, they’ll be taken off and given their own lines.

    I liked having data on my AppleWatch so that I could leave my phone at home on runs but cutting my bill in half was too good to pass up.

  • iPedro1000

    I found out when I was sitting in the store ready to get the deal. I love having LTE on my Apple Watch but cutting my Bell bill in half was too good to give up. They’ll eventually allow it because I want to give them my money for my Apple Watch.

  • Raghu Modi

    It’s applied to my account as of today

  • Ahmet

    Hi Raghu, thanks for your prompt reply. It’s been applied on my account late this afternoon as well.

  • ihatebeingright

    I’m currently on a 5GB family share plan with Bell, with 2 of my 3 phones still on contract for another 6 months or so. I called to see if we could switch to the new plan, but it wasn’t feasible. Cost of buying out the contracts would be over $300, and the $60 10GB plan isn’t eligible for a contract, which means you have to bring your own phone or pay full price for a new one. They are offering 10GB on a contract for a bit more than we’re currently paying, but it didn’t make sense financially for us to switch right now (we get by fine on 5 GB – I was more interested in reducing my monthly bill).

  • decee1

    It looks like Bell, Rogers Fido etc have ended it on their websites but the HERO in all this, Freedom, has DROPPED the price again to $50 / 10 GB.

    Le t the games begin

  • Clint Nash

    Canada-wide??? What about the rest of Canada? Like NL, NS, NB, QC!! Same on you Bell! We pay $120 per person ???
    Ripping everyone else off

  • Greg Coderre

    I’ve got an old Bell plan. Paying for texts with pic.. Upgraded the phone when they shut the old server down, and they say I can’t download / upload the pics I’m paying for unless I get a completely new plan.. ( then it will work on my existing phone) REALLY??!!

  • John Burke

    Bell. Ha!!!! Go to my local Bell store at the time (Edmonton 23rd ave). They had locked the doors!!! Locked them. The people insde were letting us in to get the rate plan. All east indian guys at the counter. Theyd let their buddies come in. Switch them no problem. Just speak jibberish to eachother quickly and say “no problem my friend. Ill hook you up” as for everyone else near impossible! 30 mins later, systems crash! Say…. come back tomorrow and we’ll honor it. Meanwhile this was the last day. Came back next day amd got the big “NOPE” we cant switch you. Their was over a dozen of us that were irate. Tried calling the night of also. On hold for over 3 hours while in line at the counter. Got no where. Thanks Bell. Still terrible service.