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How to Move Content from Android to iPhone According to Apple

Apple has released a support document on how to move your content from Android to iPhone.


How to Remove U2’s Free Album from your iPhone According to Apple [u]

Apple has shared an easy one-click solution on how to remove the free U2 album from your devices.


How to Watch Apple’s iPhone 6 Event Live Stream from Windows on a PC

If you’re on Windows, here’s how you can watch today’s live stream event.

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This Hack Allows Facebook Messages without Installing Messenger on iPhone [u]

This hack allows users to use the Facebook iOS app to read/send messages without Messenger.

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How to Watch Netflix USA in Canada with This Free VPN on iPhone, iPad

If you want to extend your Netflix subscription, this workaround will enable the U.S. library at your disposal.

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How to Fix ‘Missing’ iPhone Apps That Appear Installed But Won’t Open

Here’s one way to fix iPhone apps that appear installed but won’t open.


Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide for Solving iOS Battery Drain

Yesterday, we shared an article from’s Scotty Loveless, detailing why the …

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How to Use Voice Search on your Apple TV

If you haven’t tried this already, here’s how you can use voice search on your Apple TV.

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How to Find the ‘Missing’ Calendar List View in iOS 7.1

If you’ve had difficulty finding list view within your Calendar in iOS 7.1, here’s where it is!

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Canada: Time to Enable Two-Step Verification for your Apple ID [Tutorial]

Canada now has two-step verification for Apple IDs.


How to Play Nintendo ROMs on iPhone or iPad, No Jailbreak Required

webNES is a new NES emulator accessible via mobile Safari to allow games played offline without a jailbreak.


Find Out How Much Data Your FaceTime Calls Use [How To]

Here’s how you can find out how much data did your FaceTime calls consume.