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How To: Create Custom Watch Faces for the Pebble Smartwatch

This watch face generator can create custom faces for your Pebble watch.

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How to Fix iMessages Not Sending in iOS 7

This is one solution to fix iMessages not sending within iOS 7.

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How to Fix the iTunes Store App Crashing in iOS 7

Here are some solutions to fix your constantly crashing iTunes Store app in iOS 7.

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App Store Error Fix for Updates Not Showing Up in iOS 7

This solution should fix your App Store update woes with iOS 7.


How to Fix iOS 7 “Software Update Failed/Unavailable” Error [PIC]

Users updating to iOS 7 have encountered the following error while updating over the air.

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How to Check an Apple Store Gift Card Balance Online in Canada

Canadians wanting to check Apple store gift card balances have some extra steps to take compared to their U.S. neighbours.


How to Setup Twitter’s New 2-Step Login Verification on iOS [PICS]

Here’s how Twitter’s new 2-step login verification works on iOS.

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How to Report iMessage Spam Messages to Apple [Tutorial]

Apple has posted instructions on how to report spam messages received via iMessage.


One Fix for iPhone 5 Not Recording Sound on Videos [Tip]

If your iPhone 5 is not recording sound during videos, quickly check your rear screen protector first.

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How to Clear the Cache in Google Maps 2.0 for iOS

Here are the steps to clear the map cache or sign out of Google Maps 2.0 for iOS.

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How to Save/Cache Offline Maps in Google Maps 2.0 for iOS

Want to save your Google Maps for offline use? Here’s how to do it.

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iFixit: How to Replace the Battery in an iPhone 5 [VIDEO]

This video shows you how to replace the iPhone 5 battery.