Alleged ‘iPhone 8’ Mockup Featuring Apple’s Final Design Emerges [PICS]


The folks over at BGR have gotten their hands on a bunch of photos an alleged ‘iPhone 8’ mockup believed to feature Apple’s final design, as it is said to have been been built using actual finalized schematics that were leaked from the factories of Apple’s Taiwan-based iPhone assemblers. Good thing is the mockup doesn’t feature any fingerprint scanner on the back, although it does not confirm that the phone’s TouchID will be embedded in the display.

Bgr iphone 8 mockup 1

The alleged ‘iPhone 8’ dummy features a design largely in line with previous rumours. The photos show 2.5D glass panels on the front and back that curve slightly at their edges. Sandwiched between them is a polished stainless steel midframe that is rounded as well, seamlessly continuing the slope of the 2.5D glass. 

Bgr iphone 8 mockup 3

On the back of the iPhone 8 mockup, we can see an oversized vertical “camera bump”. This area is expected to house a new dual-lens camera system, as well as an LED flash and a microphone.

Check out some more photos below and tell us what you think.

Bgr iphone 8 mockup 4

Bgr iphone 8 mockup 5

Bgr iphone 8 mockup 2


  • Riley Freeman

    this to me is boring for an iphone8.

  • Duff

    I’m not a fan of the stainless steel frame. Let’s hope there are other options.

  • sackboy

    Gah! My blurred vision. That frame is too …chrome-y.

  • Hey look, it looks just like another other iPhone just a different camera look and a different frame is different; so exciting ????

  • Nilay

    I am tired of Apple’s boring design. If today was 10 years back I would go with Samsung for sure, But now I am so much stuck on Apple’s eco system and developer community around Apple devices are always great so unfortunately I have again buy this boring phone.

  • Mr Dog

    Phones are not going to have any drastic design changes like they used to. Get over it.

  • Gary Bowen

    I agree. I’d like a toothbrush or a wine glass – Things stay the same design for a reason. Sadly, people want change for the sake of change.

    Just read the rest of the comments in this thread. People seem only excited by change.

  • Gary Bowen

    Ah, I found the Don Norman quote I was thinking of: “In general, people tend to think of innovation as being radical, major changes, whereas the most common and powerful form of it is actually small and incremental.”

    It’s from The Design Of Everyday Things. Good book if you’re interested in reading about design.

  • FragilityG4

    I’m curious as to what you want in a phone?

  • OliChabot

    like it.

  • Shane

    What new design in phones are people looking for? They want a square phone? A round phone? How about a triangle shaped phone? Whoaaaa that would be so innovative!!

  • Anubisseesall

    Looks way too thick and the constant recurring camera bump is something I was hoping would go away. I was really hoping for something a bit more substantial from the 8 which was said to be a culmination of a lot of tech Apple had been working on. Maybe the tech in the phone will still impress,