Instagram Rumoured to Get Video Sharing Feature on June 20

TechCrunch reports that Facebook is very close to announcing that Instagram — the highly popular photo sharing app they acquired some while ago — will allow users to record and share Vine-like short videos.


Earlier rumours of a new Facebook event scheduled for June 20 were talking about a news reader app, but an Instagram video-sharing feature could make sense, especially considering Vine’s amazing growth. To put that into numbers: shares of Vine have gone beyond those of Instagram photos on Twitter.

Another reason why Facebook could add a video sharing feature to Instagram is pretty straightforward: it doesn’t need to develop a whole new app from scratch; doesn’t need to brand it; and more importantly, it will eliminate the need to build up another profile on another social network site.

And considering the rapid growth of video sharing services such as Vine, this creates a great opportunity for Facebook to make that monetizing strategy the right way, since an Instagram video sharing feature sounds very attractive for advertisers and marketers.

At this moment, though, this is just a rumour, so this could easily be a blind alley as well. But it surely sounds interesting. What do you think?