iPhone 5s Supplies Limited at Launch, Carrier Sources Say


Multiple (US) carrier sources have confirmed that if you are after an iPhone 5s, well, you had better be either the first to preorder or the first in line when the Apple Store or carrier’s store opens. While the supply of the iPhone 5c was good enough, the picture looks totally different for the iPhone 5s.

As we can see in China — almost all models completely sold out within a few hours — the iPhone 5s will be available in limited quantity, with the company expecting the Space Gray model to be the most popular, so there an average of three-quarters of the supply will be a Space Gray model, 9to5Mac reports. Yup, this means that if you’d like to get the white/silver or white/gold option, you need to be fast. And the same applies if you are after the 64 GB version, because carriers expect the 16 GB and 32 GB versions to be the most popular.

Speaking with its sources, AllThingD confirmed the limited availability of the iPhone 5s, as highlighted by BGR earlier today.

The speed is more timely for Canadians: while the initial supply of the iPhone 5c has almost sold out in the US, you can have any of the models through the Canadian online Apple Store on September 20.

This shouldn’t surprise us, since according to our non-scientific poll, the majority of Canadians want an iPhone 5s. About 56% of those who have taken the poll have opted for the high-end model, while the iPhone 5c was the choice for only 3%.

iphone 5s 5c poll

Which colour are you after? And just in case, do you have a second preference?

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