Apple Supplier Work-Hour Compliance Remains at 94% in December

Just in time for the quarterly earnings call, Apple has updated its Supplier Work-hour Compliance on its Labor and Human rights page. The update indicates that its suppliers achieved an average of 94% compliance to the 60-hour work week in December for the 1 million employees Apple currently tracks.

Supplier work hour compliance

This work-hour compliance has remained unchanged since November, when Apple reported the same 94% compliance, and down 1% compared to October.

As the above graph and numbers show, the compliance stabilized after a drop to 87% in September, the month when the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launched, followed by the iPads in November.

During the holiday shopping period, both iPhone and iPad demand was robust, and the first reports have shown right after the season kicked off with the Black Friday sale. Analysts have already lined up with their estimates of iPhone and iPad sales.

Based on reports suggesting strong demand for iDevices, analysts expect a record holiday quarter from Apple, raising the bar, just as they have done after every holiday shopping season lately. Supply was steady, as Foxconn pushed out 500,000 iPhone 5s devices each day. We will soon find out how many iDevices Apple has sold during the past three months.