iOS 8 Beta 4 Reportedly Coming on Monday, July 21 for Developers

Could the fourth version of iOS 8 arrive within a week? Well, according to BGR’s ‘trusted sources’ we can expect the next beta version of Apple’s next generation mobile operating system on Monday, July 21st.

Since iOS 8 beta 3 was released just last Monday, this would mean a two-week gap between beta 3 and 4, a week shorter than the three-week gap between beta 2 and 3 informs BGR.

Ios 8 new features

The third beta of iOS 8 brought multiple improvements, as well as some changes and bug fixes. We have put together a list of noteworthy changes in iOS 8 beta 3 most notably; this version has brought Quicktype for the iPhone, as well as app analytics and the Handoff toggle.

BGR’s sources have been murmuring the future release dates of iOS betas since last year. Although, in some cases, they just missed the correct day (as they did with the beta 3, which arrived on the 7th, instead of the 8th), they have managed to accurately predict the launch of iOS betas.