Vogue Posts Full Video Interview With Apple’s Jony Ive and Marc Newson


On Friday, British Vogue posted the full video of a recent interview that editor Suzy Menkes had with Apple’s chief designer Jony Ive and Marc Newson.

The interview focused on the Apple Watch and its place in the luxury watch market. Ive said that Apple started off designing the iPhone because a lot of Apple employees couldn’t stand their phones. The main motivation for the iPhone was to build a better phone.

When Apple started designing the Apple Watch, Ive said that the motivation was completely different. Both Ive and Newson have been collecting traditional mechanical watches for years, however, Apple’s goal isn’t to design a better mechanical watch or compete with existing watch makers. Instead, Ive said that they realized that the wrist is a fabulous place for technology.


Menkes asked Ive how he thinks the majority of consumers will use the watch. Ive said that the use case of the watch will change depending on the person. Some people will be very interested in the health and fitness capabilities and others will be interested in the more intuitive and intimate ways of communicating with other Apple Watch owners.

“We can only imagine, given how much we upgrade our phones, that this is going to need an upgrade at some stage,” Menkes said. “It isn’t a watch in the ones that you collect. You both collect watches and thee are watches that have stood the test of time. Is it the same with your devices? Is it going to be the same with your watch?”

Ive said he thinks Apple Watch will remain beautiful, but more importantly pointed out that a digital device is in a different class than mechanical contraptions. For Ive, a device whose capability is defined by software is an intriguing concept.

“The product that I buy next week — it will be more capable and will do things I cannot possibly imagine in just six months time,” Ive said. “Now I think that’s extraordinary. I don’t know how we can compare these wonderful mechanical watches that we own and the product that has such a comprehensive functionality and capability that will grow and change beyond our imagining.”

Here is Vogue’s full video interview with Jony Ive and Marc Newson:

The Apple Watch went up for pre-order on Friday, April 10 and sold out within 6 hours. Estimated shipping times for the device have now been pushed back to June. Anyone can make an appointment to try on an Apple Watch at any Apple retail store location, whether you pre-ordered the device or not. The company has equipped their retail stores in nine countries with special hands-on tables designed specifically for the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch will hit store shelves on April 24. The new wearable device from Apple will range in price from $350 (US) to $17,000 (US) and is the company’s first new major product category in five years.

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