iFixit iPhone 14 Pro Max Teardown: New Internals, ‘Familiar’ Design [VIDEO]

Image: iFixit

Renowned repair website iFixit on Tuesday published their complete teardown of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max, giving us a detailed look at everything that makes this year’s flagship iPhone tick.

iFixit was pleasantly surprised by its iPhone 14 teardown, discovering that Apple has completely redesigned its entry-level iPhone for the better. The non-Pro iPhone 14 now opens from both the front and the back, making repairs much easier.

Unfortunately, the teardown experts didn’t find nearly as much satisfaction in prying apart iPhone 14 Pro Max, since disassembling it is “exactly the same process as iPhones 13.”

Like with previous generations, iPhone 14 Pro Max’s display lifts up and the shell opens like a book to reveal its internals. iFixit carefully took the device apart, documenting each component (and each pesky screw holding it in).

While iPhone 14 Pro Max’s internal layout remains largely unchanged from last year’s iPhone 13 Pro Max, iFixit gave us a good look at the device’s logic board with Apple’s new A16 Bionic chip.

Image: iFixit

iFixit also got up close and personal with a new plastic spacer Apple has added to the logic board, replacing the SIM reader on U.S. models. This spacer serves no purpose other than to maintain structural integrity.

Suffice it to say, iFixit sorely missed the “advanced internal design” of the base iPhone 14 that greatly enhances repairability and, by extension, sustainability. It looks like iPhone 14 Pro got most of the flashy new features this year, while the entry-level iPhone 14 got a massive design update.

Image: iFixit

iFixit was nothing short of enamoured with the entry-level iPhone 14’s new architecture, which the publication hopes we will see on all of next year’s iPhones.

Overall, iFixit gave iPhone 14 Pro Max a “Repairability Score” of 6/10, the same as its predecessor. In comparison, the base iPhone 14 scored 7/10, the best of any iPhone since 2016.

You can check out iFixit’s full iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown video below:

YouTube video

YouTuber PBKreviews beat iFixit to the iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown punch last week, but iFixit’s teardown is more insightful and accompanied by the publication’s comprehensive repair manuals.

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