Apple to Layoff Non-Seasonal Employees Outside of Apple Stores, According to New Report

In the wake of other major tech companies announcing their layoffs, Apple is reportedly scaling down its retail operations by laying off an unknown number of non-season employees outside of its Apple Stores.

According to an internal email acquired by Gizmodo, it’s been revealed that Apple is planning to downsize aspects of its retail operations. As such, it’s said that non-seasonal employees at retail channels such as Best Buy have begun to receive their 30-day notice as per their layoff rights.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear how many employees may be affected by Apple’s decision to downsize and tweak its retail operations. Additionally, it’s not yet known why Apple is choosing to do so now. However, it could be likely that Apple is scaling based on economic challenges. Much like other companies have expressed, the pandemic has brought on hurdles that have demanded recourse and thus many employees have been put in difficult positions.

Last week, we saw the tech industry take a huge hit as far as layoffs are concerned. Microsoft cut 10,000 jobs as a result as the company anticipates lower revue growth across the year. This equates to roughly five percent of its global workforce and affected segments of the company, even its internal game studios like 343 Industries.

Additionally, Google announced it would lay off 12,000 staff members. The company cites challenges in retaining staff after drastically increasing growth over the pandemic. Affected staff are said to have a 60-day notification period and a 16-week minimum severance package.

While not as recent, Amazon, Meta, TwitterShopify, and more have also cut employees.

Typically, Apple is much more hesitant to conduct mass layoffs. By comparison in recent years, the company has been able to maintain a significant level of retention across its many sectors. However, despite the number of affected employees, layoffs are a challenging time. We may only hope those affected by these changes land on their feet quickly.

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