Bell Launches 1-Day EPP Flash Sale: $45 for 20GB of 5G Data

Bell says Exclusive Partner Program customers can save with a limited-time offer on wireless plans only on March 23, 2023.

Bell has announced a one-day flash sale for its Exclusive Partner Program (EPP) customers, offering a $45 per month wireless plan that includes 20GB of data. This deal is only available today, March 23, 2023, and is targeted at bring your own device customers.

The plan includes 20GB of data at 5G speeds up to 250 Mbps, followed by unlimited data at throttled speeds of up to 512 Kbps. The plan also includes unlimited talk and text nationwide and is only available for new activations.

EPP customers must request an offer code through the EPP website. In order to get a Bell EPP plan, your employer needs to offer this wireless program meant as a perk for employees. If you’re on a Bell EPP plan that is not as good as what’s being advertised for today, it might be worth calling in to switch over.

Yesterday we told you Bell had launched a $60/15GB plan, which is not as good as what’s available from flanker brands and even prepaid carriers such as Public Mobile ($40/15GB) right now.

Bell recently announced to some EPP customers prices are increasing in price this month, just like some Telus EPP plans set to jump in April.