Koodo Promo Offers New 25GB and 30GB Data Plans

koodo rollover data

It seems Telus-owned Koodo just can’t make up its mind. This morning we told you Koodo made its $55/50GB promo plan available to everybody on its website and not just existing customers. But then the company quickly pulled that plan off its website after realizing Virgin Plus removed it.

Now, we’re seeing new Koodo promo plans in the form of $62/25GB and $67/30GB offerings. These are essentially the same $62 and $67 per month plans but with 10GB of extra data added. Both include up to $120 bill credit in the form of $5/month off. So that means rate plans of $57/25GB and $62/30GB for 24 months.

koodo 62 25gb

The $62 plan only has four free perks to choose from, while the $67 plan gets five to choose from, including Premium Voicemail, Unlimited International SMS, Rollover Data, Speed Boost and Unlimited Long Distance Pack.

Back is the $39/20GB plan that Freedom Mobile previously debuted that all flanker brands eventually matched.

Koodo now lists its $45/6GB, $55/8GB, $62/25GB, and $67/30GB plans. The two promo plans that just debuted say they go until May 23, 2023.

Meanwhile, Rogers-owned Fido today simplified their plan offerings to only offer $50/30GB and $39/20GB plans after a $5 Auto-Pay discount.