Koodo Debuts 40GB and 75GB Plans for Existing Customers

Telus-owned Koodo is offering up some new promo plans for existing customers, increasing data for some existing plans.

When most Koodo users sign into online self-serve, the following plans are showing, according to info obtained by iPhone in Canada:

  • $50/40GB (was 30GB)
  • $55/75GB (was 50GB)
  • $62/50GB (regular plan on the website)

Both plans include unlimited nationwide calling and messaging. But you need to pick a free perk to get unlimited international SMS. The $50 plan lets you choose from 3 perks, while the $55 plan lets you pick from 5 perks.

Right now, Koodo’s website has plans of $45/30GB and $39/20GB available (Public Mobile offers this too now), along with a $62/50GB plan.

While the data has increased for these plans for existing users, the price point remains at $50 and higher. During Black Friday last fall, Koodo offered a $45/50GB plan with a free iPhone 11.

The big story of this week is Public Mobile—Koodo’s little sibling—debuted unlimited 5G plans. Telus told us it has no plans to bring 5G plans to Koodo, which some customers are unhappy about.

Log into your Koodo self-serve account online and you should see these plans. If you see different plans, mention them in the comments below or email us tips@iphoneincanada.ca.

Update May 27, 9:18am PDT: last night Koodo removed these plans for existing users, as they are no longer being offered.