Google Makes Fun of iPhone 15 Ahead of Pixel 8 Launch [VIDEO]

iphone vs pixel

In a playful video titled “#BestPhonesForever: Scary Story,” Google’s Pixel 8 again pokes fun at the iPhone 15 ahead of its own Pixel 8 launch event set next week.

The video, posted on the Made by Google YouTube channel, personifies the Google Pixel and iPhone as friends sharing a campfire conversation about their respective launches and features. It’s part of an ongoing series where the Pixel tosses shade at the iPhone.

“And some say, on a quiet night, you can still hear his full QWERTY keyboard click-clacking in these very woods,” said the Pixel 8 device, setting a spooky tone.

“Pixel, I’m scared,” responded the weak iPhone 15, expressing concern not about the story but about the future and the competition between the two phones.

“Well, you’ve got this big launch coming up. You’re going to be getting all kinds of attention,” the iPhone 15 continued, mentioning that people will be comparing their cameras and AI features.

“iPhone, no launch is bigger than our friendship,” the Pixel 8 reassured, emphasizing that the competition between the two phones doesn’t affect their ‘friendship.’

The video humorously highlights the iPhone’s recent changes, such as a “different mute button, a dynamic-er island, and a new charging port,” while subtly teasing the Pixel’s upcoming “ground-breaking AI features and eye-catching design.”

The video concludes with both characters getting startled by a noise, only to laugh it off while roasting marshmallows, reinforcing the notion that competition doesn’t overshadow their ‘friendship.’

Check out the video below:

YouTube video

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