Public Mobile and Koodo Match 30GB Plans from Fido, Virgin

At the start of 2024, flanker brands of the ‘Big 3’ telecoms, Fido, Koodo and Virgin Plus offered a $39/10GB plan as the newest thing since sliced bread.

Of course this new plan is worse than $34/50GB plans offered during Black Friday and Boxing Week. But over time, we’re seeing more data being added. First it was Fido making it $39/30GB, which we said everyone would match of course. Virgin Plus came out next to match Fido, and now Koodo and Public Mobile have done the same.

Telus-owned Public Mobile’s website was updated today to now show a $39/30GB 4G plan with unlimited nationwide calling and international SMS/MMS. But (there’s always a but) this pricing drops to $34/month on a 90-day subscription. This means you pay for 3 months upfront and get all the data as well.

Koodo also matched but its plan is at $40 for 30GB of 4G data, because Canadians will never complain about paying $1 more. Koodo’s data overages are still an astronomical $130 for 1GB. Their 30GB plan includes one free “perk”, either premium voicemail or unlimited international SMS.

Freedom Mobile’s $34/50GB 5G Canada-US plan still reigns supreme, and as it stands, nobody has matched it yet (and we have a feeling they won’t).

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