Samsung, Telus, AWS Partner for Better Cellphone Roaming

samsung telus aws

Samsung, Telus, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have partnered to have Telus as the first North American telecom provider to transform its roaming architecture.

The traditional method of routing roaming traffic—encompassing voice, data, and SMS—through the provider’s home country often leads to reduced speeds. Telus plans to integrate its network within AWS Regions globally through virtualized roaming gateways. The result? Faster voice and data for Telus customers.

This method allows for direct routing of traffic to the nearest AWS Region hosting the Telus network, significantly boosting the speed and efficiency of mobile services. This partnership utilizes Samsung’s Cloud-native Core technology for data and Germany-based VoIP specialists ng-voice for voice calls, bringing overall performance and service quality.

“This architecture evolution further strengthens Telus’ commitment to keeping our customers connected to what matters most, ensuring they are able to enjoy the same award-winning experience they have in Canada from anywhere in the world,” said Nazim Benhadid, Chief Technology Officer at Telus, in an issued statement.

The virtual roaming gateway trials are scheduled to start in Q1 2024. Beyond roaming, this partnership holds promise for future advancements in disaster recovery and 5G standalone core applications, leveraging Samsung’s comprehensive Cloud-native Core solution on AWS.

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