Nintendo to Target March 2025 for Switch 2 Launch, According to New Report

Nintendo is reportedly targeting to launch its ‘Switch 2’ console in March 2025. News of this release window follows as it’s believed the unannounced hardware had slipped this year.

The report from  Nikkei (via Eurogamer) goes on to suggest two primary factors played into Nintendo’s shift towards 2025. The first is that the company aims to have Switch 2 launch with a compelling lineup of games. Additionally, Nintendo aims to secure stock and have the device readily available.

However, despite a March 2025 plan reportedly in the books, Nikkei’s report states that Nintendo is open to delaying Switch 2 further into the year.

Nikkei‘s latest report also touches on the hardware itself. Corroborating previous reports, Nintendo’s Switch 2 is believed to be a hybrid console, similar to the current model. However, the latest report states it’ll offer a larger screen than the 6.20-inch display of the original Switch. VGC previously reported that Switch 2 may launch with an LCD display.

Targeting a March 2025 launch, Nintendo will still be able to include its launch financials in its fiscal year reports, which will effectively end on March 31st, 2025. However, by delaying Switch 2 to early 2025, Nintendo will miss the holiday season this year, which typically offers a boost in hardware sales.

While it now seems unlikely that we’ll be getting our hands on a new Nintendo console this year, the company still has a robust catalogue of games arriving throughout the year. Most recently, Nintendo launched Mario vs. Donkey Kong, a remake of the 2004 Game Boy Advance title.

However, players can still look forward to Princess Peach: Showtime!, the Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD remaster, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and Metroid Prime 4. The latter of which is still listed as a 2024 title. In addition, the recent Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase proved that the current Switch still has a lot of juice left in it. With partnering support, 2024 could make for a great swan song of a year for the hardware.

If Nintendo does secure a March 2025 release, it would mirror the launch of the original Switch, which debuted in March 2017. With this timeframe in mind, Nintendo may opt to reveal its new system towards the fall of this year.

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